Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New Launch Press THC And COG

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New Launch Press THC And COG

As a leading publisher in the field of browser based games, lekoolgames is constantly trying to bring new and varied game play experience for its members with launch of wide variety of games. With our aim to provide a fun gaming experience for people of all ages.

With our aim in mind, we are glad to announce launch of 2 new servers for our ever popular games, Call Of Gods and Thundercall. Join us on the launch and enjoy various launch events. Call of gods celebrates its 16th server and Thundercall will have its 2nd server, both servers launch on 14th September, 2016 at 7:00 PM US PST time.

Call of Gods, is a browser based RTS/RPG game. In keeping with the traditional core style, players create a human, elf, or undead hero and venture out into a massive fantasy world where they can progress through elaborate quest arcs, fight their way with other players through challenging dungeons, amass armies, and ultimately build a powerful castle stronghold within your race’s kingdom. COG also features an in-depth and interactive game guide to help your journey in the game. The game features beautiful graphics, Arena System and Alliance system. Fight with players of different servers to prove your might and bring glory to your server in the Cross Server Championship.

We welcome all to join us on the launch of our new servers, lots of exciting events and activities await you at launch. Join lekoolgames now

ThunderCall online action ARPG game published by Lekoolgames. The game is based on a fantasy theme and gives you a taste of Western Mythology and vast fantasy worlds which every player can explore. Start your journey as a Warrior or a Mage in an intense battle against monsters and demon hordes, the game from the early stages of gameplay gives the players freedom to build their character as they see fit and join PvP, PvE, group NPC battles and much more

About PlayMMOGame is an international distributor of online games and mobile games. we also have offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and the US, attracting young and passionate employees from all over the world. Since its establishment, PlayMMOGame' strength has been its international background, cultural adaptability and mission statement of spreading happiness, determined to make its mark as a global leader in video games.
About Lekool Lekool Inc. is a leading publisher and developer of online browser based games. Lekool Inc. Operates under the name of lekoolgames, and takes advantage of its long term experience to provide a rich gaming experience to its users. With over 10 years of experience in the field of gaming industry, lekool has developed a strong brand presence all over the world.

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